New Release: Die Fotografie – A Novel

“Dr. Horst Schumann experimented on them at Auschwitz, but the three friends escaped. Join Dr. Freda Dudek as she searches for them decades later, but by reuniting them, she becomes a target herself. Dr. Schumann and his comrades in the Nazi sympathizer network have set a trap. Only by reuniting all three friends can she escape the trap and bring Schumann to justice.”

Available for download or on paperback at

Bringing Life To Content

Have you been mulling over a great idea for a novel or short story but haven’t found the right person to write it for you?

Are you trying to find the right person to increase your blog traffic or SEO standing?

Do you just not have time to write your own website?

Learn about my research and writing services.

Over the past thirty years, I have had the great pleasure of working with some amazing teams, supporting them with training and SOP manuals, expert blog and website articles, and other technical information.  Recently, I have expanded my writing services to include ghostwriting business, history, fiction, science, and medical books and articles.

My extensive expertise in business operations, regulation, and quality control makes my technical writing precise and informative.

My life-long passion for creative writing and history gives my novels an insightful flavor and emotional depth.

Learn about the writing process.

Each project is unique.

Business and technical writing is often done under heavy regulatory compliance and reviewed by teams of professionals.

Novels like historical fiction, science fiction, and creative fiction allow for much more flexibility but must also be researched to give them the right level of plausibility.

History and politics require months of rigorous research and interviews with vetted participants and leaves little room for creativity but can still be flexible enough to get a particular point across.

Fantasy…the sky’s the limit!

I work closely with each of my clients, establishing timelines, writing outlines, and fleshing out characters so if you are having something ghostwritten for you, it will still have your style and your flavor.

How much does it cost?

An 2,500-word article written on a researched topic and delivered in a week could cost around $2,000.

A 500-page novel written from an outline and character profiles provided by you with original content created by me could cost around $5,000.

A 1000-page year-long writing collaboration starting from scratch and working closely with me to create and develop characters, plot lines, and deep emotional context could cost $50,000-$100,000.